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Locating the right ship, in the right place, at the right time is what we have been doing for decades. It may sound simple, but to be done effectively and cost-efficiently it requires chartering expertise and continuous information gathering by our global staff of cargo and ship brokers.

Ship Agency

Our corporate office is located in Istanbul with qualified agents in all of the major Turkish ports. We provide agency services for ships transiting through the Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits. The organization is staffed by professionals who are client-focused and creative in their approach.

Technical Management

We monitor the vessels' performance closely to ensure optimum operating efficiency. Further, ships under our care are inspected at regular intervals by the superintendent concerned to follow up on all aspects of shipboard operational matters and to maintain an active contact with the vessel.

Ship Management

We have an extensive range of solutions for all vessel segments to offer you the management services you want – when and where you need them. Our third party ship management services include technical management, crew management, vessel accounting and procurement services.

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